4 Simple Ways to Share your Location with your Family

Keeping a check on a family member has become much easier than it was, and less disturbing too. Nowadays, you don’t require to call or text to know that your daughter or son hasn’t left the house or that Wife is driving and should be home by an hour. There are apps that can passively keep a track on your friends and family members’ whereabouts, and that in today’s world, it is a huge relief.

No need to worry anymore if someone forgets to call or is held up.  A quick look at your tracking app can tell you all you need to know about your loved ones and then you can sit and relax. If the whole idea of tracking people sounds shady, or you are worried about spying, not to worry, the following android apps and iPhone apps are safe and secure to use:

The contacts have to agree that they can be tracked and the apps come with very easy and clear instructions that can be used by one and all. The following information about the location tracking may not give you the exact precise location of the server and it doesn’t work when the phone is turned off.

Glimpse App

It is designed for the at-a-glace-tracking. This app lets you decide who you want to actually see your GPS location, and select the time period to which they can track you. The sharing of the location ends once the time is over. It is possible to change the transition time along with you can track on extra tracking time. It also lets you share the actual time locations, with estimated arrival times and the travel time through emails, text or social networks.

Life360 Family Locator App

This free app you track one another with your family and friends in real time. One of the great features of this app is that it lets the family members or friends know when someone has reached a predefined location such as school or home. You can select two such specific spots on your mobile and when your kid comes home after school, the Life360 family locator checks them in and alerts you that they have made it.

The app gives you a full history of the location, that is a nice concept to overview the recent activities. The panic button option in the app sends out an emergency alert to the registered emails, phones and texts with your exact location. This app also helps you message your family members.

Google+ App

The social networking service of Google, the Google+ offers you the ability to share your location. The design is as of the old Google Latitude and integrates, with the Google Maps. If you want to share your locations with others, you can send a request to that respective contact through Google+ app. If the person accepts the request, you can see each other’s location through the apps.

Find My Friends

This app gives you a central place for sharing your data location and messaging. Plan out and coordinate your travel trip with your friends before actually getting in the car. The app can be used to quickly broadcast your location in emergency situations. This app uses Google Maps; it automatically lists places such as petrol pumps, police stations, hospitals, fireplaces, etc.